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    William Blythe Ltd is an established advanced materials manufacturer based in the UK

    Founded in 1845 to support the textile industry, the expansive site 15 miles north of Manchester has a long history of working in the chemical industry. Over the last 150 years the company has evolved into an inorganic speciality and advanced material manufacturer, offering a product range which covers a diverse portfolio of chemicals and market segments.
    As a speciality company, William Blythe has a strong focus on product development and innovation. The state of the art laboratories at William Blythe have benefitted from significant investment to support the advanced materials chemistry work undertaken by the team. The R&D work focusses on new product development, drawing on a wealth of internal experience and external expertise. With an enthusiastic and committed team and a strong academic network, William Blythe is able to work on a wide range of products and access the specialist knowledge and analytical techniques which can be required for materials research. If you have a query regarding William Blythe's technical capabilities or would be interested in discussing a new R&D opportunity, please get in touch via the customer enquiry form.

    William Blythe's continuous manufacturing facility and has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO50001 status.

    GOgraphene is the trade name for Graphene Oxide manufactured by William Blythe Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthomer Plc.