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    GOgraphene offers high quality Graphene Oxide at an affordable price

    The graphene oxide products available online via the GOgraphene webshop have been developed by William Blythe Ltd, an established inorganic speciality chemicals and advanced materials manufacturer based in the UK.

    Accordingly, the graphene oxide offered has been developed by an experienced team of development chemists, with the clear objective of developing a commercially relevant graphene oxide range. With access to world leading equipment at both the laboratory and commercial scale, the team have developed a synthetic route which has now been transferred to William Blythe's manufacturing facility. This ability to scale gives customers confidence that they can carry out their research on the same material they would use to commercialise their products and technology in the future, without having to seek an alternative supplier.

    For many graphene oxide researchers, the process for manufacturing graphene oxide is considered difficult to replicate and, depending on the synthetic route used, can be incredibly dangerous. Having developed and refined a unique synthetic route for graphene oxide manufacture, William Blythe is able to manufacture graphene oxide to the same specification each time, with everything in place to reduce any hazards associated with the synthesis. Buying graphene oxide via the GOgraphene webshop allows those interested in researching graphene oxide applications to avoid any hazardous graphene oxide synthesis steps, obtain consistent material and focus their time on the development of applications for graphene oxide.

    William Blythe has a worldwide reputation for providing high purity materials to tight specifications; the mentality for providing the highest quality products to customers is a fundamental strength of the company's strategy. This approach applies to all products manufactured at William Blythe, including graphene oxide. As such, customers of GOgraphene can purchase graphene oxide via the webshop, assured that the graphene oxide supplied will be of a consistently high quality, dispatched within the stated lead time and can be offered at a larger scale when needed.