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    News — GOgraphene range

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    The Forefront of Graphene Commercialisation: An Update

    The Forefront of Graphene Commercialisation: An Update

    Last week, the William Blythe team showcased their work with graphene oxide at the most recent CIR Strategy conference in Cambridge. The event featured esteemed delegates with expertise in a variety of sectors including the field of advanced materials: a promising and ever-expanding area of scientific development. This conference acted as a platform to discuss breakthrough technologies in the academic and commercial world of nanomaterials, and here is just a snippet of what we learnt.

    The ISO standardisation for a variety of 2D materials now states that graphene materials must have fewer than 10 layers, which can be measured using the AFM or Raman/SEM coupled analysis techniques used for the GOgraphene range. It was apparent that the production of ‘high quality’ graphene materials is required for commercialisation, indicating high purity, consistency from batch to batch, affordability and most importantly, performance.

    The scope for the applications of graphene materials ranges from polymer composites to biomedical applications. Energy storage was a recurring theme throughout the sessions, with the inclusion of reduced graphene oxide into battery and fuel cell technologies allowing for an advanced device with higher performances. Graphene materials even have the promising uses in aerospace applications. With its exceptional strength at very low weight loadings, the incorporation of graphene materials can drastically reduce vehicle mass. This leads to savings on fuel, in conjunction with electronic and thermal conductivity properties obtained with a reduced graphene oxide/graphene material.

    The 15th HVM and 4th GNM conference was a superbly organised and informative event, and the William Blythe team look forward to attending more distinguished events in the future. If you are currently working in any sectors noted in this article and would like to know how graphene oxide can improve your technology, please do get in touch.

    Interested in the GOgraphene Newsletter?

    Interested in the GOgraphene Newsletter?

    Did you know that the GOgraphene team are starting a newsletter, dedicated to bringing graphene oxide news and research straight to your inbox?

    The GOgraphene team are always researching new aspects of their graphene oxide products, carrying out work from additional analysis to developing new derivatives and product offerings. To generate the most relevant data from their products, ensuring their research is focussed on developing real benefits to the product range, the GOgraphene team dedicate time to literature searches. With research around graphene related materials so diverse, the number of research groups working with graphene oxide is phenomenal. As a result, a huge volume of academic papers are published each month on the potential use and benefits of graphene related materials. While considering multiple application sectors, the GOgraphene team therefore read many fascinating papers on the real-world applications we might expect to see graphene oxide used in over the coming years. The GOgraphene team recently decided that their online blog would be the ideal place to start sharing some of the papers they had found the most interesting. Based on the positive feedback, GOgraphene have decided to launch a newsletter, linking all those subscribed to a selection of GOgraphene’s recent news and favourite research. The newsletter will cover a variety of topics, ranging from interesting research the team have come across through to research and product information developed by the GOgraphene team.

    The first newsletter will be released in April, to sign up click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address.

    GOgraphene online store proving popular within first month of launch!

    GOgraphene online store proving popular within first month of launch!

    Did you know GOgraphene, the William Blythe webshop dedicated to sales of graphene oxide has now been open for a month?

    Graphene oxide is an exciting two dimensional material with a multitude of applications including its use as a graphene precursor. Global research in graphene oxide has boomed since the discovery of graphene oxide about a decade ago, with commercial applications just starting to take shape.
    As an advanced materials manufacturer, William Blythe was eager to get involved with a 2 dimensional material which some predict will revolutionise products from electronics to engineering polymers. Within the first 6 months of product development William Blythe had a scalable and repeatable synthesis route which has since been refined and optimised into the method we use today.
    Understanding that the majority of people currently interested in graphene oxide are researchers across a wide range of fields, William Blythe decided to focus on a graphene oxide range which is of maximum advantage for researchers in all applications. This led to the high concentration dispersions and freeze dried powders offered in the GOgraphene range, both developed to offer the best dispersions with the minimum sonication.
    William Blythe has the capability to scale up the manufacture of graphene oxide to tonnage quantities and the Business Managers are handling all large volume sales, alongside the rest of the William Blythe product portfolio. The GOgraphene webshop was launched last month to enable the researchers William Blythe developed their graphene oxide for to buy at the quantities and prices suitable to their work, and already proving to be a popular destination even within the first few weeks of launching.

    To find out more, or if you have any questions about the GOgraphene range please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our enquiry form.