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    News — The Graphene Council

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    GOgraphene Are Now Members Of The Graphene Council

    GOgraphene Are Now Members Of The Graphene Council

    The Graphene Council is the world’s largest community for graphene professionals. Bringing together experts from around the world, conducting market surveys and working to influence industry standards for graphene, The Graphene Council is working hard to support the commercialisation of graphene based products.

    Graphene as a commercial material is still very much in its infancy. The nature of this means there are currently no industry defined standards for the various advanced materials which sit under the graphene umbrella. Those purchasing materials from different suppliers are likely to have noticed variation in the material they receive; one supplier is not necessarily better than the other in all applications, but slightly different benefits may be observed with material from different manufacturers. Establishing an industry standard is therefore a key step which the graphene market is currently missing. The process of establishing formal standards can be long, leaving the industry two options – continue with no change while waiting for the formal standards to be introduced or work to define its own informal standards for use in the meantime. William Blythe is keen to work in the second of these categories, ensuring that the material supplied is meeting both the needs and expectations of the graphene market. 
    Becoming a member of The Graphene Council allows the GOgraphene team to help influence the standards being developed for graphene derivatives alongside gaining insights into the graphene market, from both a commercial and applications perspective. The team are convinced this membership will work as a partnership, with information and support flowing between William Blythe and The Graphene Council to advance the commercialisation of graphene oxide as efficiently and effectively as possible.