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    Happy New Year from GOgraphene

    Last year was a busy year for the GOgraphene team, with the launch of the graphene oxide webshop in August 2016. Over the past few months GOgraphene have worked hard to improve the site based on customer feedback. This has led to the addition of an FAQ page to help customers understand more about graphene oxide as a material as well as the products available through their webshop. GOgraphene have also added a new Delivery Charges page to allow customers the opportunity to estimate their delivery charges before they proceed to checkout. Delivery charges are based on the shipping destination, with free shipping on all orders over $500.

    As well as adding new pages, the GOgraphene team have also added graphene oxide flake to their product listings. As a product, the GOgraphene team believe this sits well between the graphene oxide powder and aqueous dispersions previously available on the site. This is because graphene oxide flake allows customers to use their graphene oxide in non-aqueous systems but at a lower cost than the freeze dried powder. The difference in cost is a direct consequence of the alternative drying technique used. It should be noted that graphene oxide flake will not be suitable for all researchers as it will need high energy sonication to achieve a dispersion while the freeze dried powder will disperse with mild sonication.

    The GOgraphene team would like to take this as an opportunity to thank all of their customers for their support in 2016. It has been an exciting year and since the launch last summer support for GOgraphene has continued to grow. We would like to wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to all of the graphene oxide research to come in 2017.

    Share your thoughts with the GOgraphene Team!

    Share your thoughts with the GOgraphene Team!

    Have you got any feedback for the GOgraphene team?

    The GOgraphene webshop was launched by William Blythe Ltd just over two months ago to sell research scale quantities of graphene oxide. William Blythe was founded over 150 years ago and at the heart of its success is understanding our customers’ needs and actively building on any feedback received. 

    Listening to customers’ thoughts is undoubtedly key to GOgraphene being able to offer the best graphene oxide it can for its customers. It is also a priority for the team to gain an understanding of how GOgraphene’s customers are using the graphene oxide they purchase. The variety of applications which graphene oxide is being researched in is vast. This means that there are multiple avenues the GOgraphene team could explore at any one time. To make sure we are collecting data on the properties which are the most relevant for your research and potential applications please get in touch and let us know what you are working on. Your comments on the graphene oxide applications of most interest to you will help the team decide what they should look at next. 

    If you have any feedback for the GOgraphene team, please get in touch via the enquiry form. Comments on the content of the site, your experience of the ordering process, the packaging and how you found any material purchased will be gladly received. All comments will be reviewed by the team for future improvements and additions to the site. The result of your feedback could lead to additional characterisation of our current products, new product lines or additional content on the site.

    We look forward to hearing from you!