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    GOgraphene Are Now Members Of The Graphene Council

    GOgraphene Are Now Members Of The Graphene Council

    The Graphene Council is the world’s largest community for graphene professionals. Bringing together experts from around the world, conducting market surveys and working to influence industry standards for graphene, The Graphene Council is working hard to support the commercialisation of graphene based products.

    Graphene as a commercial material is still very much in its infancy. The nature of this means there are currently no industry defined standards for the various advanced materials which sit under the graphene umbrella. Those purchasing materials from different suppliers are likely to have noticed variation in the material they receive; one supplier is not necessarily better than the other in all applications, but slightly different benefits may be observed with material from different manufacturers. Establishing an industry standard is therefore a key step which the graphene market is currently missing. The process of establishing formal standards can be long, leaving the industry two options – continue with no change while waiting for the formal standards to be introduced or work to define its own informal standards for use in the meantime. William Blythe is keen to work in the second of these categories, ensuring that the material supplied is meeting both the needs and expectations of the graphene market. 
    Becoming a member of The Graphene Council allows the GOgraphene team to help influence the standards being developed for graphene derivatives alongside gaining insights into the graphene market, from both a commercial and applications perspective. The team are convinced this membership will work as a partnership, with information and support flowing between William Blythe and The Graphene Council to advance the commercialisation of graphene oxide as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    AFM analysis on GOgraphene Graphene Oxide

    AFM analysis on GOgraphene Graphene Oxide

    AFM (atomic force microscopy) analysis has now been completed on GOgraphene graphene oxide. The AFM analysis was carried out to investigate both the lateral sheet dimensions and sheet depth, with the intention of discovering how many layers GOgraphene graphene oxide flakes are.

    Diluting a sample of our 10 mg/mL aqueous graphene oxide dispersion down to a 1 ppm dispersion, it has been possible to measure the graphene oxide sheet sizes. The high dilution allows the AFM to measure fully dispersed material, without the individual flakes overlapping and consequently leading to more accurate dimensions for fully dispersed sheets.

    The lateral dimensions of the plates varied, with the majority of flakes consistently over 5 microns in at least one lateral dimension. This corresponds very well with the SEM images obtained previously which showed lateral dimensions of over 5 microns. While there is currently no industry standard for understanding what the optimal graphene oxide sheet size is, GOgraphene graphene oxide is manufacturing a consistent quality product.

    The AFM analysis is of particular interest for understanding the sheet depth. Single layers of graphene oxide are just over 1 nm tall, with greater depths informing the analyst approximately how many layers are stacked on top of one another. A few sheets stacked on top of one another can indicate that the graphene oxide is not fully dispersed into monolayers or that the graphite was not completely oxidised to enable all single layers to form. The AFM analysis on GOgraphene graphene oxide has shown a sheet depth of around 2 nm, proving that the individual flakes are only two graphene oxide sheets tall.

    GOgraphene AFM analysis

    This is an exciting new piece of data for the GOgraphene range which really proves the 2 dimensional nature of graphene oxide. Data collection on our graphene oxide will continue over the coming months, however if there is analysis on our products which isn’t listed on our site yet and you feel it would benefit your research, please get in touch via our enquiry form and we will look into this.

    GOgraphene graphene oxide AFM analysis

    GOgraphene online store proving popular within first month of launch!

    GOgraphene online store proving popular within first month of launch!

    Did you know GOgraphene, the William Blythe webshop dedicated to sales of graphene oxide has now been open for a month?

    Graphene oxide is an exciting two dimensional material with a multitude of applications including its use as a graphene precursor. Global research in graphene oxide has boomed since the discovery of graphene oxide about a decade ago, with commercial applications just starting to take shape.
    As an advanced materials manufacturer, William Blythe was eager to get involved with a 2 dimensional material which some predict will revolutionise products from electronics to engineering polymers. Within the first 6 months of product development William Blythe had a scalable and repeatable synthesis route which has since been refined and optimised into the method we use today.
    Understanding that the majority of people currently interested in graphene oxide are researchers across a wide range of fields, William Blythe decided to focus on a graphene oxide range which is of maximum advantage for researchers in all applications. This led to the high concentration dispersions and freeze dried powders offered in the GOgraphene range, both developed to offer the best dispersions with the minimum sonication.
    William Blythe has the capability to scale up the manufacture of graphene oxide to tonnage quantities and the Business Managers are handling all large volume sales, alongside the rest of the William Blythe product portfolio. The GOgraphene webshop was launched last month to enable the researchers William Blythe developed their graphene oxide for to buy at the quantities and prices suitable to their work, and already proving to be a popular destination even within the first few weeks of launching.

    To find out more, or if you have any questions about the GOgraphene range please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our enquiry form.

    Diluting GOgraphene Graphene Oxide Dispersions is Easy!

    Diluting GOgraphene Graphene Oxide Dispersions is Easy!

    Watch the video to see how easily GOgraphene concentrated graphene oxide dispersion can be diluted.

    The GOgraphene chemists have worked hard to develop a concentrated graphene oxide dispersion which can be diluted simply and easily. This has been an important part of our product development so far, with an R&D programme focussed on how our customers work with graphene oxide. By offering a highly concentrated dispersion (10 mg/mL) researchers using GOgraphene’s graphene oxide can buy a standard concentration and have the opportunity to work with more concentrations depending on what their research requires.

    There are reports of higher graphene oxide dispersions leading to agglomeration of the graphene oxide sheets which then require extensive sonication to separate back out again. To overcome this, William Blythe focussed research efforts on developing a concentrated dispersion which will not suffer this problem. The result is the 1% aqueous dispersion currently offered in the GOgraphene range. Water can be added to this dispersion to dilute to the required concentration, with no large agglomerates present to the human eye. And you don’t need to take our word for it, the video below illustrates beautifully how well GOgraphene’s concentrated dispersions can be diluted.

    It should be noted that the general consensus is to use some form of sonication on all graphene oxide dispersions before use. The benefit of GOgraphene’s 1% aqueous dispersion is two-fold; sonication is not needed to form a more dilute dispersion which is comparable to the same concentration at point of sale and secondly that any sonication applied can be provided via an ultrasonic bath, there is no need for a sonic tip.

    Welcome to GOgraphene Graphene Oxide

    Welcome to GOgraphene Graphene Oxide

    Welcome to GOgraphene - a specialist manufacturer of Graphene Oxide powders and dispersions, and a trading name of William Blythe. Take a look through our new online store, which brings you incredibly high quality Graphene Oxide that is simple to order, and the latest news and developments. If you would like to know more about our Graphene Oxide processes, development or how to order, then get in touch with one of the GOgraphene team by completing our contact form, or simply giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon!